LightSimple XoR Design

  1. File | New Project Wizard
  2. name of this project? LightSimple
  3. Click on "next"
  4. Click on "next"
  5. Device family: Cyclone V, Devices: Cyclone V SE Mainsteam
  6. Click on 5CSEMA5F31C6, then select "finish"
  7. File | New | Block Diagram/Schematic File
  8. File | Save as LightSimple.bdf
  9. Click on "Symbol Tool" Symbol Tool
  10. Select altera libraries and expand: | primitives | logic | xor XOR icon
  11. Position in center of grid
  12. Press "Escape" to turn off selected primitive
  13. Click on "Pin Tool" Pin Tool
  14. Select "input", place two inputs to left of XOR Two XOR Inputs
  15. Note: While the input is selected, use the cursor keys to make small adjustments within the grid
  16. Double click on each default name for pin; top one is SW0; bottom is SW1
  17. Extend each input pin to the left side of XOR; make sure the connector icon is visable Line Icon
  18. Note: If your connecting line extends too far, click on it, then right click and choose delete; pressing the delete key does not work
  19. Click on "Pin Tool" Pin Tool
  20. Select "output", place one output to the right of XOR XOR Output
  21. Rename default pin name to f (click or right click and choose "properties"
  22. Optional: Using the "A" symbol, annotate the grid Annotated Simple Gride
  23. Click on the Save icon
  24. File | Create/Update | Create HDL Design File from Current File
  25. File Type: VHDL
  26. File | Open "vhd" file just created
  27. File | Create/Update | Create Symbol Files for Current File
  28. Processing | Start Compliation
  29. Choose "Assignments | Pin Planner"
  30. Using the values above, select the proper locations for each pin Simple XOR Pin Layout
    1. F: LOC PIN_V16
    2. SW0: LOC PIN_AB12
    3. SW1: LOC Pin_AC12
  31. Close out Pin Assignment module
  32. Tools | Programmer
  33. Click on "Auto Detect"; select 5CSEMA5 and click "OK"
  34. Double click on 5CSEMA5, select SOF from output_files
  35. Click on "Program/Configure"; click on "Start"

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